What is
Frontmatec BIS?

Frontmatec Business Intelligence Services (BIS) data platform that gathers and processes data from heterogeneous sources, presenting this data in open data formats for use in in-depth business analysis and reporting.

Core services

Data security

Data is protected according to standards and recommendations

Easy access

Open data formats


Easy and seamless integration with market-leading data platform providers


Share data with approved business partners

01 Collecting
Data is collected from heterogeneous sources and placed in Frontmatec BIS Lakehouse

02 Normalization
We ensure normalization of the individual data elements.

03 Enrichment
Data is processed and enriched with the aim of creating enriched data.

04 Modelling
Data is modeled and contextualized for the benefit of an efficient analysis and reporting process.

05 Validation
Data is validated to identify issues in data segments that may lead to unintended analytics.

06 Visualization
Data segments are visualized and presented to the user for analysis and reporting.